Advice for Rookies – 4 Hockey Betting Tips

Hockey is one of the most popular sports in the United States. The National Hockey League is one of the most followed nationally ranking between the Top 5 of the most viewed in the country.

Although it doesn’t have the same amount of fans as football or baseball, it’s a sport that’s taken very seriously, and betting houses still have services to make any type of bets in their league. If you have ever wanted to give sports betting a shot, you are in luck!

In this post we provide some expert advice for rookie bettors wanting to bet on the next big NHL game!

Money line

money laptop - Advice for Rookies – 4 Hockey Betting Tips

The money line is the most common bet in the US bookmakers, and the NHL isn’t the exception. Here you bet online on which team will win in a match. This line is usually 20 cents, and the value of the number equals the amount you must bet. For example if the line is -100 you must bet US $ 100, to get 200 in case your team wins.

The puck line

graphs - Advice for Rookies – 4 Hockey Betting Tips

This is another different way of betting in the NHL league, where you bet on the result with which the match will end. An example of this is when you bet if the game is going to end with +1.5, it means the result will end with a goal for or against some team. But if you bet -1.5 your team must win the match by more than two goals.

The big salami

phone money - Advice for Rookies – 4 Hockey Betting Tips

This bet has become an exclusive way to bet on hockey, where any interested person can make a bet in general, of the exact number each result that comes from all the hockey matches that take place within the same day, and all for the cost of a single bet. It’s the most difficult bet and hence a big risk.

Total result


This is a bit of a complicated way to bet. In order to win you need to give a very specific result. You bet the exact number of goals will be scored during the game. The other disadvantage is that this kind of betting isn’t as often used in NHL as in other leagues.

Obviously, no bookmaker will offer betting services as successful in NHL bets as in any other league such as the MLB, NFL or even the NBA. But if you follow our expert our advice, you will still be able to take advantage of them.