3 Useful Tips to Save Money at Your Next NHL Ticket Event

Few things compare to how exciting it is to see a professional hockey game on site, from the excellent atmosphere of the court, to seeing some of the players that go to 30 mph, to the fervent excitement of the fans in the sport in the stadium.

As one of the most supported sports in the United States, tickets for hockey are usually a high price and it’s helpful to know how to better invest your money. In this post we share some handy tips that will ensure you get the best price on the next big NHL or hockey event.

Beginning of the Season

A match at the beginning of the season in October usually means the same at the end of the season in April, but when the finals of the season arrive the price of the tickets usually rise with respect to the beginning.

Although the tension of the final games of the season is a total experience, you can save up to 25% by going to the first games of the seasons as opposed to the finals.

Save on Weekdays

If you are willing to sacrifice a little of your hours of sleep for work the next morning, weekdays are a good time to see an NHL game, since ticket prices are lower than the rest of weekends.

On Tuesdays and Thursday’sticket sales can offer the lowest price, as both days have low average ticket resales in recent years. It really is no wonder as they are smack right in the middle of week days, but you can take advantage of this.

Buy the Same Week

It may seem quite natural to a sports fan to buy most of their tickets as far as possible from a match to make sure they have the number of seats they want. If you are more flexiblethough, you can easily wait until the week of the game to buy all your tickets, when prices are usually down.

So if you want to be a master saver and save as much as possible in your favorite NHL games, you should follow these great tips that will ensure the best possible savings on tickets. You will also have all the fun of watching live hockey games, maybe even more frequently as you will pay less and you’ll be much happier with your decision.

Now you can go get your tickets, and enjoy the game!

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