typing - AboutHi everyone, my name is Brent Sierra and I’m one of the writers and creators of Couchpotato Hockey.

This was a project that began a few years ago after a group of friends who studied in the faculty of journalism met and decided to create a project that was initially a simple pastime but became a source of work and a popular site on the Internet.

Sport is something incredible, because it doesn’t matter what kind of problem we have, what kind of culture, race, sex, religion, political party or any other type of condition or characteristic we have or belong to. The love for sports and for a team in particular, can unite us more than any political or social activity.

Undoubtedly, it’s something incredible to see, asregardless of the borders, your economic situation, love or any personal problem you’re presenting if a sport really makes you passionate, it can help you to clear up any problem or negative thought you have during the game.

We have seen how nations end up uniting to sing an anthem of their national team in any particular sport, and that’s something beautiful to see, and we must appreciate and value this unity.

That’s why this website means a lot to us. It’s more than a job, a hobby, an income or a simple website. This is our passion. Here we publish everything we feel, what we’re passionate about to express our feelings and thoughts but also to inform you using Couchpotato Hockey.

Being sports journalists we are able to appreciate the feeling of valuing and enjoying not only a specific sport. But also we can find the beauty of all sports in particular and enjoy it.

But those of us who joined this website some years ago have something in common besides the love of our profession: a passion uncontrolled by hockey. That’s why we focus on covering everything related to this sport.

And in addition, you can also find different amounts of information, facts, recommendations, critics, opinions and much more about all the sports that exist and about different leagues, their players, the legends of each one and much more.

If you’re a sports fan, then you have come to the right place. Because you will find everything to keep you informed and in a very entertaining way about this particular world you like so much.