Top 5 Formidable NHL Teams You Should be Aware Of

Hockey is a very exciting sport, with loyal fans who undoubtedly recognize the best teams that have participated in the NHL. This league was created over 100 years ago, which is why many teams have made history. We present you some of them, according to the NHL fans’ votes:

Edmonton Oilers

From Edmonton, Canada, they have won the Stanley Cup five times. But undoubtedly some of the most memorable years were 1984 and 1985. In those two seasons they won the cup consecutively, in three consecutive years participating in the final.

Also, in 1986-1987 two consecutive seasons, they won the President’s trophy, another very important NHL championship. By these achievements, they broke the record by winning 4 titles in 5 seasons.

Hockey team - Top 5 Formidable NHL Teams You Should be Aware Of

New York Islanders

It’s one of the teams with the most followers nationwide. They have broken great records, managed to overcome important teams like the Oilers, and they also won 4 Stanley Cups in 2 different seasons from 1980 to 1983.

Montreal Canadiens

It’s one of the most legendary teams in the NHL, being the one that managed to win the Stanley Cup more times, with a staggering 24 titles. This even includes winning four consecutive seasons in a row, from 1957 to 1960 and from 1976 to 1979.

Detroit Red Wings

This legendary team has broken records and is one of the favorites more prolific winning teams in the league. They have 11 Stanley Cups and have had great moments in various different seasons. An example of this was in 1998 when Chris Osgood and other great players closed a perfect season winning the final.

They managed to win the national hockey’s maximum cup in two consecutive years, way back in 1936-1937, as well as in 1997-1998. In 2002, they also managed a spectacular victory against Hurricanes, which resulting in the upgrading of various players like Scotty Bowman, including them in the Hall of Fame.

Ice Hockey Team - Top 5 Formidable NHL Teams You Should be Aware Of

Pittsburgh Penguins

They have won 5 Stanley Cups as well as the finals for two consecutive seasons in 1991-1992 respectively. This team featured players that stood out from the rest of the team, a great deal. Examples of this are the legend Bryan Trottier and the eternal captain Mario Lemieux.

There are certainly many hockey teams that have stood out in different years, and true fans will remember seeing legend making features, and treasure the memories. Which is your favorite NHL memory or team?

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